Introduction of SLB Battles

First the two parties of the game are divided into the search party and the rescue party. The rescue party first selects three members to form a team with one of the members being VIP, and then the leader takes them to the battlefield. After they hide well in the battlefield, the game starts. All members of the search team set out from the start point and search under the leadership of one leader. The rescue team also sets out under another leader’s leadership. The aim of the rescue team is to find the VIP among them and take him back to the start point, and then they will win. The aim of the search team is to find and kill VIP in the rescue team, and if the YIP is dead, they win.

One party has more members and another party has less members. The party with more members selects one captain, and the captain can be equipped with a guard team. Within the prescribed time, commandos of the party with less members search rapidly the captain of their enemy. If the captain of the opposing team gets shot twice in the body or once in the head, the game is over. Or time is out, but the captain of the opposing team is still alive, and then the commando of the party with fewer members is failed.

The two parties attack against each other in the field until the whole members of one team are killed.